Jewelry Appraisal In Crown Point: How Much is My Jewelry Worth?

Looking for an accurate and honest online jewelry appraisal service an appraisal from a professional you can trust? Wulf’s your answer.
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In addition to selling jewelry, creating custom jewelry, and buying jewelry, Wulf also offers jewelry appraisals, such as pre-owned jewelry appraisals and diamond ring appraisals. Learn more about jewelry appraisal and our online jewelry appraisal services. Then, schedule an appraisal with your trusted Northwest Indiana jeweler at Wulf.

Jewelry symbolizes a special event. Jewelry’s personal. For nearly 50 years, Wulf has built a reputation as one of Northwest Indiana’s most established local jewelers. Our top priority is building and maintaining strong client relationships we’re staffed with Northwest Indiana locals, and we serve locals.

So whether you need an engagement ring appraisal, or diamond ring appraisal, or are looking for a jewelry appraisal for pieces of inherited jewelry, Wulf is here to help educate you about your valuables.

Why Do I Need a Jewelry Appraisal?

Appraisals are vital when it comes to insuring and protecting your jewelry investments. Whether you have a single piece or a complete estate collection, we can appraise and evaluate your jewelry for insurance purposes and/or replacement.

Just as you insure your vehicle and your home, so too should you insure your jewelry. Plus, many insurance companies require a current jewelry appraisal for their policies. So, you should know your jewelry’s replacement value in case of damage, theft, or other unforeseen events.

The value of your jewelry can fluctuate over time. If your precious metals and gems have increased in value, you want your appraisal to reflect your jewelry’s increased worth.

You’ll also want to get an updated jewelry appraisal if you’ve had a piece changed, repaired, or serviced in any way.

In the excitement of a new engagement, don’t forget to schedule a diamond ring appraisal. To know the value of your ring and get it insured, you need a thorough, accurate appraisal from a certified jewelry appraiser.

Do you need to sell jewelry? As a jewelry store that is also a jewelry buyer, we know that an up-to-date appraisal helps you understand what you can sell diamond jewelry and other items for. Jewelry is an investment, and you need to know its value!

Perhaps you inherited jewelry or you’ve purchased a piece of pre-owned or vintage jewelry. A jewelry appraiser can tell you how much it’s worth and provide details about the jewelry.

How Does a Jewelry Appraisal Work?

Make an appointment or bring your piece of jewelry to Wulf for an appraisal. A certified jewelry appraiser will evaluate your piece of jewelry and establish a dollar amount for the value of your jewelry. When examining your piece of jewelry, the appraiser looks at:

Jewelry Appraisal Work

How Do I Find a Reputable Jewelry Appraiser?

It may go without saying, but don’t just choose anyone for your next jewelry appraisal service. What should I look for in a jewelery appraiser, then? Here are a few things to look out for:
Certified Jeweler


You wouldn’t accept medical advice from someone outside the medical profession, and you wouldn’t seek legal counsel from someone outside the field of law. Similarly, you shouldn’t get your jewelry appraised by someone who’s uncertified.
Instead, look for an appraiser who’s a certified gemologist. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers a rigorous certification process. Choosing an appraiser certified through this organization is a good place to start.

(Fortunately, Wulf has GIA-certified experts on staff.)


Certifications don’t mean all that much without real-world, boots-on-the-ground experience. Look for an appraiser who’s worked with different clients on different pieces of jewelry. The more years—the more jewelery appraisals—the merrier.

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Doors Jewelry Appraisal

No Closed-Doors Jewelry Appraisal

When you go to your next appraisal, pay attention to how you feel. Do you sense the appraiser has high ethical standards?
Do you feel comfortable asking how the appraiser came to his or her estimation? More generally, do you feel comfortable asking difficult questions about the appraisal process?
Ultimately, your appraisal experience should be hassle-free and comfortable. If you feel that your appraiser is not being straight with you, it’s prudent to go elsewhere.

Appraisal - Diamond Ring

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“I could not ask for better customer service!”
“I worked with Cullen to purchase a necklace a couple years ago. He was very easy to work with and all of my needs were met. He worked with me to find something that matched my budget and had the piece shipped to me all the way out in Arizona in no time at all. I could not ask for better customer service! I would recommend Wulf Diamond Jewelers to everyone I know!”
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“Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler!”
“Wulf helped me redesign my grandma’s vintage, diamond necklace into something I can wear EVERYDAY! I felt involved in the redesign process and my opinion mattered every step of the way. This is an heirloom that will remain in the family for many generations. Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler! Thank you Wulf Diamond Jewelers.”
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“I will be going back to Wulf Diamond Jewelers!”
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“He always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
“I’ve done a few pieces of business with Wulf Diamond Jewelers and they are great! I’ve sold a few diamonds to Cullen and he always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
Fred Markovich

Fred Markovich

How Often Should I Get My Jewelry Appraised?

Ideally, you should have a piece of jewelry appraised every 2–3 years, or if you have it altered in any way. It’s important to keep an updated record of how much your jewelry is worth as it increases in value. Regularly appraising your jewelry is necessary in the event that your piece is lost, stolen, or damaged. Some insurance companies may also require updated appraisals every so often to keep a policy current.

Jewelry Appraised

Looking To Get Paid?

Are you sitting on jewelry that you no longer wear, or have a piece that lost its importance to you? Want to turn that into cash? Unlike pawnshops and other giant jewelry store chains, Wulf will ALWAYS provide fair pricing to help you get the most for what you have.