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When you have a watch you love, it’s frustrating when the hands stop ticking. Instead of tossing it aside and moving on to the next watch in your collection, consider having it repaired by top-notch watch repair service providers in Indiana.

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For nearly five decades, Wulf Diamond Jewelers has built a reputation as one of Northwest Indiana’s best jewelry stores. We’ve been here for generations of valued customers as they’ve purchased jewelry to symbolize their love, commemorate the biggest events in life, or show off their own personal style.

A skilled jewelry professional can take the watch apart and replace any damaged components or put in a new battery to get it up and running again in no time.

At Wulf Diamond Jewelers, jewelry watch repair is one of the services we offer to customers throughout
Northwest Indiana.

Why Trust Us for Watch Repair?

At Wulf Diamond Jewelers, we do more than buy, repair, and sell jewelry—we build relationships. We understand how much your jewelry means to you and your loved ones, and we’re committed to providing a level of customer service, quality, and integrity you won’t find at all jewelry stores.

From watch batteries to full restoration, you can put your trust in us when it comes to repairing your timepiece. We have decades of experience and always provide exceptional quality and service.

Watch Repair

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“I could not ask for better customer service!”
“I worked with Cullen to purchase a necklace a couple years ago. He was very easy to work with and all of my needs were met. He worked with me to find something that matched my budget and had the piece shipped to me all the way out in Arizona in no time at all. I could not ask for better customer service! I would recommend Wulf Diamond Jewelers to everyone I know!”
Justin Woodard

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“Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler!”
“Wulf helped me redesign my grandma’s vintage, diamond necklace into something I can wear EVERYDAY! I felt involved in the redesign process and my opinion mattered every step of the way. This is an heirloom that will remain in the family for many generations. Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler! Thank you Wulf Diamond Jewelers.”
Pam Lagnos

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“I will be going back to Wulf Diamond Jewelers!”
“Cullen worked with me to pick out the exact watch I had been looking for. I gave him an idea what I was looking for in my watch and he showed me some options and I set my sights on the stunning Citizen signature series eco-drive watch. My friends and family always compliment me whenever I wear it! I got a great deal on the watch, better than any price around. Cullen went above and beyond in making sure I found the right watch and he got me a great price. I will be going back to Wulf Diamond Jewelers!”
Robert Colucci

Fred Markovich

“He always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
“I’ve done a few pieces of business with Wulf Diamond Jewelers and they are great! I’ve sold a few diamonds to Cullen and he always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
Fred Markovich

Fred Markovich

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How Is a Watch Repair?

The process for repairing a watch depends on what powers the timepiece. Quartz is the most common source of power in watches, and when a quartz watch stops working, it’s almost always due to the battery.

Replacing the battery is a fairly simple fix, and our jewelry technicians can take care of it quickly and efficiently.
Dirt and dust can also accumulate around the internal and external buttons, which causes the spring to stop functioning properly. Mechanical watches have more individual parts, so the repair process is more complex. The most common warning signs of an issue with the functionality of this type of watch include slowed-down or sped-up time.

The average mechanical watch has over 100 working parts that often need to be checked, maintained, and lubricated.
If you have a vintage mechanical watch, consider bringing it in to Wulf Diamond Jewelers for more frequent maintenance. When you bring in your watch for a repair, we’ll perform a full assessment of the timepiece to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.
We will look for worn or damaged parts, determine whether any components need to be lubricated, and double-check the seals and gaskets on waterproof and water-resistant pieces.

Can I Repair My Own Watch?

Repairing a watch is not a DIY project. Watches contain tiny components that can easily get lost or damaged when you’re trying to take it apart.

When you’ve invested a lot of money into your watch, whether it’s from one of the top brands or it’s particularly special to you, it’s too risky to attempt a do-it-yourself repair job.

The biggest risk is causing irreparable damage that will decrease the value of your watch. Instead of taking the risk, turn the task over to the team of jewelry experts at Wulf Diamond Jewelers.

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We have experience repairing high-end watches, as well as vintage pieces with intricate and delicate components. Even if you have an everyday watch that you love, we can repair it when there’s been an impact on its performance.

Moisture, daily contact, vibrations, and dust can all impact the performance of your watch. We have a team of experienced craftsmen who can handle anything from a simple battery change to a complete overhaul.

Our Watch Repair services include:

Watch Repair Cost

How Much Does a Watch Repair Cost?

The cost to repair a watch depends on several factors. These factors include the brand of the watch, any parts that need to be repaired or replaced, and the extent of the labor required to fix it. Simply contact our team at Wulf Diamond Jewelers to get an estimate on your watch repair service.

What Other Services Does Wulf Diamond Jewelers Offer?

In addition, to watch repair, we can help you with other jewelry needs and desires as well. We carry a wide selection of beautiful engagement rings that will help you pop that big question to your special someone, elegant pieces featuring high-quality diamonds and gemstones, and repairs on other types of jewelry. You can also choose a custom piece that reflects your unique desires and tastes. If you like the beauty and elegance of jewelry pieces from years ago, take a look at our collection of vintage options.

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These aged pieces bring value and timeless style. Our staff members are polite, professional, and pressure-free, giving you a positive experience as you shop. We take pride in delivering excellent service to every customer who visits our location, and we would love to extend that level of service to you when you’re shopping for a new piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. For all your jewelry needs, trust the experienced team at Wulf Diamond Jewelers. We specialize in a wide range of jewelry services, making it easy to get exactly what you want at a competitive price.

We also buy gold, silver, platinum, currency-coins, and fine-jewelry/estate jewelry pieces. Get the most out of your investment and sell your jewelry, metals, and coins/currency to us!

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