Jewelry Repair and Services In Crown Point

Jewelry Services & Repair

Jewelry Services & Repair

At Wulf, we know how much your jewelry means to you. From your diamond engagement ring to family heirloom jewelry and everything in between, we want to help you keep your jewelry in top shape.

Our local, in-house professionals perform thorough jewelry repair services so you can keep your diamond jewelry and other pieces well-maintained and sparkling for years to come.
As a top retailer of diamond jewelry, we pride ourselves on being the finest jewelry repair shop in Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area.

With up-to-date technology and a skill set that allows us to accomplish even the most challenging requests with style and professionalism, our team of in-house skilled goldsmiths will handle your jewelry with care and repair it in a timely manner.

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Which kinds of jewelry do we repair?

We are a full-service jewelry repair store. Maybe you’re dealing with a loose diamond, broken necklace chain, or ring resizing. Whatever it is, our professionals’ expertise can take care of it. Some of the jewelry pieces and services we can help with include:

Jewelry repair
Jewelry repair

Which brands of jewelry do we repair?

It doesn’t matter if you purchased your jewelry at Wulf or elsewhere, if it was a gift, or if it’s been in your family for years, we repair all jewelry, from antiques to high-end brands. The brands we can work on include:

What Our Clients Say’s

“I could not ask for better customer service!”
“I worked with Cullen to purchase a necklace a couple years ago. He was very easy to work with and all of my needs were met. He worked with me to find something that matched my budget and had the piece shipped to me all the way out in Arizona in no time at all. I could not ask for better customer service! I would recommend Aaland to everyone I know!”
Justin Woodard

Fred Markovich

“Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler!”
“Wulf helped me redesign my grandma’s vintage, diamond necklace into something I can wear EVERYDAY! I felt involved in the redesign process and my opinion mattered every step of the way. This is an heirloom that will remain in the family for many generations. Happy to say I trusted the right jeweler! Thank you Aaland Diamond.”
Pam Lagnos

Fred Markovich

“I will be going back to Aaland Jewelers!”
“Cullen worked with me to pick out the exact watch I had been looking for. I gave him an idea what I was looking for in my watch and he showed me some options and I set my sights on the stunning Citizen signature series eco-drive watch. My friends and family always compliment me whenever I wear it! I got a great deal on the watch, better than any price around. Cullen went above and beyond in making sure I found the right watch and he got me a great price. I will be going back to Aaland Jewelers!”
Robert Colucci

Fred Markovich

“He always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
“I’ve done a few pieces of business with AaLAND diamond and they are great! I’ve sold a few diamonds to Cullen and he always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”
Fred Markovich

Fred Markovich

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Diamond for Fast and Affordable Repairs!

Wulf Diamond Jewelers offers a full jewelry repair service to fulfill any of your repair needs. Our in-house professionals are true masters in jewelry repair, providing customers with old school traditional methods with advanced technology, giving you the best service possible.

We pride ourselves on handing out the finest jewelry repair service in Crown Point and all throughout the Chicago area.
With up-to-date technology and a skill set that allows us to accomplish even the most challenging requests with style and professionalism, our team of skilled goldsmiths will handle your jewelry with care and have it repaired in a timely manner.

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The cost of your jewelry maintenance or repair depends on the piece of jewelry itself and the type of service or repair being performed.

The brand of the piece, its type or style, and the parts and labor required to repair it all factor into the cost of the jewelry repair service. We evaluate each piece of jewelry for repair to try and provide our customers with the best price possible. 

Here are some basic guidelines when it comes to jewelry repair cost. Keep in mind these are very rough approximations, and the pricing for your repairs will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the brand of your jewelry and the jewelry’s overall condition.

Depending on the jewelry repair your necklace needs and the type or brand of necklace, this can cost anywhere between $10 all the way up to the $300 range.

If you have a necklace with a broken chain, for instance, we can solder the chain back together. For a relatively simple gold or platinum necklace chain, this is a relatively simple fix. For a necklace with a more complex chain or style, soldering the break can get pricier.

If your necklace has a broken clasp, we can easily replace it. The cost will depend on the type and material of the clasp.

Perhaps you have a ring that’s just a little too tight or too loose. It’s important for your rings to fit properly, and we can resize any ring so it’s just right.

Ring resizing cost can range from about $30 to $300 depending on the width, material, style, and design of the ring and how much you need it resized by.

Maybe you had a stone fall out of your ring, or you’d like to get a stone replaced.

Because there’s such a wide variety of gemstone types, sizes, and setting designs, resetting a stone in a ring (or in another piece of jewelry) can also vary widely in cost.

To get a ring reset, you can plan on spending as little as $20 or as much as $300.

When it comes to repairing jewelry, one thing is for certain: It is not easy. Though it seems simple, jewelry repair, cleaning, and polishing require a high level of expertise.

While your jewelry may need minor maintenance and repairs, twice-a-year examinations and service can prevent bigger and further problems from developing.

To keep your jewelry shining for many years, it’s important to have it professionally maintained and repaired. If you’re in a time crunch, don’t worry!

Ring repair

Need help with your Jewelry?

Our in-house jewelry experts will help you with all aspects of your jewelry, including items purchased from another store. Wulf is not just the best at providing customers with custom personalized timeless pieces; we are also experts at customer support to service your personal jewelry.